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NABWMT: A Midweek Bounce

It’s O-V-A!   The national convention of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc. climaxed on Saturday, July 30, 2011 with its annual banquet atop the Stratosphere Resort. The evening was filled with revelry and celebration as Dr. Gerald Mallon was posthumously awarded the NABWMT Lifetime Achievement Award. Mallon served as the catalyst to the creation of a chapter in the Philadelphia area which received the honor on his behalf. Other award winners were former Co-Chair Scott Duty for Personal Achievement, BWMT Detroit, Chapter National Action Award and Dan Savage was recognized for his “It Get’s Better Campaign. The Las Vegas order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was also recognized for their local efforts in raising assistance funds for HIV/AIDS usage. According to the organization, over $250,000 has been raised by their group toward sponsoring medicines, labs, transportation and housing. A full report on the entire weeks activities will be featured in Q-Visions, NABWMT’s organizational media piece.

Opinions from the Chair

The Future of QVExpress: Where do we go from here?

As the Publications Committee Chair, I was glad to again present a media enlightenment session during the NABWMT convention in Las Vegas. I was particularly glad to have participants as the session was set with an afternoon time slot. My goal for the session was to offer “fast tracked” information on the various NABWMT platforms such as Facebook, Q-Visions and this forum. After some brief history of the organizations media, I shared our perspective on what I felt were our accomplishments, activity and shortcomings in promoting the organization. Those in attendance cited their usage levels of the platforms as well as problems encountered such as small type fonts, coloring or subject matter. In an earlier board meeting I had a chance to present a report on the organizations media presence and what lie ahead in its development. Ultimately, the issue of time management was the centerpiece of the conversation with the caveat that all of the media platforms are needed but exactly what penetration is taking place and how do we gauge effectiveness.  I’ve asked for your opinions on this forum and have come to the conclusion that through that silence you have given me a carte blanc on the future of this experiment. Just for the record, QVE was launched from discussions concerning having a faster and more immediate platform to offer information. Thusly, in September 2010 that idea was set in motion resulting in over 100 postings to date covering a variety of topics. Yet as with any experiment, an assessment had to be made on the fate of the project and an evaluation of its success or failure. Furthermore, what outcomes have been achieved or impact determined. After serious consideration, it seems that this forum hasn’t been utilized by those who actually suggested that it be developed. The data speaks loud and clear that with a total of 12 subscribers and marginal landings on this forum, continuing to produce it is not forseeable. I believe that we attempted to answer the charge that was presented however, a groundswell of support that was needed to justify the time invested has not transpired despite our efforts to outreach and connect to our network. Why is this I ask? Well, there are numerous reasons such as those not engaging the internet, lack of interest, more popular social sites, perhaps the format or even just a means that doesn’t meet an individuals information needs. Could be all of these or better yet, none of them. All I know is that QVExpress appears not to be a necessary tool that meets a need in NABWMT. Is it that simple? Yes. However, before we pull the plug, we will offer any and all those who are interested to share their opinions. At this posting, we are scheduled to cease this forum as we began on September 1, 2011.



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Viva Las Vegas and NABWMT

It’s day four of the 31st Annual Convention of The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc. Throughout the week, the event has presented “enlightenment sessions,” on a variety of topics ranging from gay bullying to the compelling issues of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Activist and Advocate Mandy Carter offered insights on the Bayard Rustin Project and will be the keynote speaker for Saturday’s climatic banquet.  Other notable speakers during the week have been former Co-Chair P. Cloutier who recapped organizational accomplishments such as the Bar Discrimination Project as well as the groups early reaction to HIV/AIDS in the people of color communities.  Dr. James Creadle, retired Rutgers Dean, addressed the ongoing struggles that President Obama faces while trying to govern the country. Creadle, eloquently and profoundly believes that the administration has not been given the same berth of acceptance and respect that other predecessors enjoyed.  Elections were held on Wednesday resulting in new board members, P. Cloutier and returning member, C. Mabin and Recording Secretary, K. Gile.  Mabin was selected from a vigorous “write in” campaign from members. Thus far the week has been favorable as fundraising surged to the $11,000 mark by mid-day Saturday. Over fifty percent of the contributions, donations and pledges have been secured during the week. Also, additional memberships have been added along with future chapter development in the NABWMT network. According to organizers, the week will end on a high note as the plan for Convention 32 in San Diego July 2012.  The board of Directors has chosen Little Rock, Arkansas for it’s fall meeting destination, October 14-16, 2011.

The Fall Midland is scheduled for Little Rock, Arkansas, October 14-16, 2011.

$35 Early bird registration began June 15, via an online registration platform that wll allow attendees to pre-register with access to paypal express, Checks and credit card options. Here’s the link: www.regonline.com/fmrock2011  (please note, Registration Protection Plus is an optional offer from provider. It is not required for registering.)

Host Hotel:

La Qunita Inn & Suites – Reservations can now be secured by calling 1.800.531.5900 using the code: NABWMT. Rate: 76.50 plus tax.( Standard Doubles & Kings available) Amenities: Free 24 hour Airport transfers, parking, wi-fi, expanded continental breakfast and heated pool. Rate will be available until September 23, 2011.

Tenative Schedule:

Friday, October 14-

Registration 5:30 pm Hotel Lobby

Welcome to Little Rock Mixer: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm (Bush 43 Room- Hotel)

Featuring a commplimentary cocktail buffet for attendees and guest

Saturday, October 15-

Midland Meeting 9:00 am – 11:30pm ( Clinton board Room )

Beverage Service provided

(Additional programming being developed for those not attending meeting)

Saturday, October 15 –

12:00 noon – 2:30 pm – Free Tour of Mosiac Templars Museum, Central High School Visitors Center, complimentary box lunch and beverage service at Clinton Complex/Park. Tour available of Clinton Library ($7)  Shopping opportunity in adjacent Rivermarket area.( complimentary trolly from Clinton Complex to area available.)

Saturday, October 15

– 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm Cocktails and Award Reception  ( to be announced)

Sunday, October 16

– 11:00 am – 2 pm   Grand Brunch at 610 Center  610 Martini Lounge

For additional information on registration or accomodations contact:nealix101@comcast.net  or 501.517.4978


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Live from Las Vegas, It’s NABWMT

It takes tremendous planning, foresight, re-planning and then some to try to get it right. Even then, you just have to go for it and make the best of it as you try to put together programming and so much more for a national convention. Viola! Then you come away with the 31st Annual National Convention of Black and White Men Together. Formally jumping off today, the week-long event features membership meetings, receptions, empowerment sessions and banquet with a key-note speech, Mandy Carter. Then there’s the camaraderie, like-mindedness, and family atmosphere that permeates the annual event as the organization heralds, “Breaking Molds and Healing Hearts,” as its theme. Organizers have forge an updated versions of the typical workshops and re-tooled them as faster paced “empowerment sessions,” that will cover a variety of topics in a 90 minutes instead of day long or multiple hourly sessions. After surveying past participants and attendees, it was decided to move in this direction, said Ken Baron, NABMWT Co-Chair. “We want our attendees to have “teachable moments” while still enjoying the city.” he said.  Convention Planning Committee Co-Chairs Kirk Gile and Rick C., announced that San Diego has been chosen for confab 2012 utilizing the theme,”Living and Loving in Pride.” The San Diego Doubletree in Mission Valley is tentatively schedule as the host hotel. Early registrations of $110 will commence Saturday, July 30 and will be available on the organizations website (www.nabwmt.org) A first for the group is the use of all social media platforms to continue its outreach to younger demographics and other interested individuals in the organization’s mission to illuminate racism, sexism, homophobia and HIV/AIDS in our lives and communities. Check out the group’s online platforms at Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Twitter and this forum.



Hip-Hop is Gay: Seeing Mr.
by James Braxton Peterson | special to
Hip Hop is gay. Not in the
colloquial/vernacular sense of ‘gay’ as something negative or deplorable, but
gay as in actually gay. I am gay too – about the possibility of actually having
a real conversation about human sexuality, human resources and Hip Hop culture.
It’s high time that Hip Hop had some real discourse about the homophobia that
plagues us socially and I think at this point any other front(ing) is simply a
thin veneer for the Hip Hop community’s inability to embrace the sexual reality
of this culture that we know, love, and sometimes hate.
Recently, HOT97’s Mr. Cee (ne Calvin LeBrun)
was arrested for public lewdness when police allegedly saw him receiving oral
sex from another man in his car. According to the New York Daily News this is
the third time that (in less than a year) Mr. Cee has been caught/detained for
solicitation, loitering and now public lewdness. Even more recently, Mr. Cee
pled guilty to lewd conduct in public. As J. Desmond Harris reported on The
Root.com, the online response to Mr. Cee’s predicament was typically homophobic
and at times downright ignorant. To my mind this is simply more evidence that
Hip Hop is gay.

In his award-winning documentary, Beyond Beats
and Rhymes, filmmaker Byron Hurt unveils hypermasculinity and homosocialism as
foundational pillars in the construction and performance of black masculinity in
Hip Hop culture. The film also suggests that some of the rampant
hypermasculinity, misogyny, and violent themes are ways in which men attempt to
over compensate for their own homoerotic and homosocial desires. As more and
more narratives like Mr. Cee’s emerge, the response to the alleged
activities/crimes seem to be more indicative of Hip Hop culture than the actual
alleged acts in question.

For his part, Mr. Cee originally denied these
allegations, shielding himself in a playlist of oddly defensive rap tracks, and
ramping up a twitter account so that he can defend himself against the perceived
‘plague’ of being gay in the homophobic world of Hip
. There are several situations in the not so distant past that have
unraveled similarly in the public sphere. Eddie Murphy was arrested for a
rendezvous with a transgendered person and rumors of him being gay have pretty
much dogged him ever since. In a more honest discourse we might be able to
consider that Eddie is more bi-sexual than gay, or better still, he, like many
folk, have sexual preferences that can not simply be defined by hetero/homo
You might also remember that New Jersey
governor (McGreevey) who frequented Turnpike truck stops in order to satiate his
socially repressed desires to be with other men. Or you might likewise recall
Ted Haggert’s scandalous meth-drenched affair with a ‘personal trainer’, or
former Senator Larry “wide stance” Craig’s arrest for lewd conduct. Maybe you
haven’t seen the self-photograph of a svelte Bishop Eddie Long, in full pose –
making a virtual/visual gift for his young targets of seduction. Bishop Long
also, very recently settled his case. Mr. Cee is not the first and certainly
won’t be the last public figure to be “guilty of” engaging in gay sexual
Yet his recent plea, the responses, defenses
and protests tell a powerful story of repression and utter fear of severe social
rebuke. For the ministers and senators, their professional anti-gay rhetoric
belied their personal gay desires. If we situate Mr. Cee’s alleged activity
within the context of a long history of homophobia in Hip Hop – and here I am
thinking specifically of the ways in which Wendy Williams stoked the flames of
hatred and fear in the very first gay-rapper witch-hunt-like scandal. Nothing
really came out of it except for the violent verbal attacks on Wendy Williams
and the vehement denials of any rapper ever even having a gay thought.
Seriously, we cannot at this point in time as
adult constituents of Hip Hop culture believe that no rapper (or DJ/producer)
has or will ever be gay. It just doesn’t add up and this is not to weigh in on
how/why you think people are gay – whether you think they are born that way or
they somehow ‘choose’ their sexual preferences. Somebody in Hip Hop must be gay,
but for me, our exceeding willful denials of this fact simply belies our
culture’s repressed gay identity. We’re much like those ministers and senators
who protest gay sexuality/marriage just a little too much – or just enough to
signal the repression of deep-seeded gay sexual desires.
In Hip Hop this repressive denial often takes
the shape of hypermasculine narratives with a no-homo brand of homophobia
functioning as the frosting on the cake. Check out Funkmaster Flex’s seething
defense of his homie Mr. Cee delivered in response to a rival station’s bit
about Mr. Cee’s alleged public fellatio scenario. Flex goes on for at least five
minutes straight, berating the entire station, defending Mr. Cee, and intimating
that (gasp) there may be some folk at that other station who are actually gay,
not (as Flex suggests re: Cee) framed by the NYC Hip Hop police.
But let’s pretend for minute that Mr. Cee is
gay. Does that mean that his show, “Throwback at Noon” isn’t hot like fire? Does
it diminish his pivotal role as Big Daddy Kane’s DJ? Is Ready to Die any less
dope to you now than it was before you thought about the possibility that Mr.
Cee was gay? I hope that you answered NO to all of these rhetorical questions
and I hope that starting now the Hip Hop community can at last be persuaded to
confront its irrational fear of the full range of our community’s human


James Braxton Peterson is Director of Africana
Studies and Associate Professor of English at Lehigh University and the founder
of Hip Hop Scholars, LLC. Follow him on Twitter @JBP2.


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NABWMT Convention 2011

Breaking Molds and Healing Hearts Hearlds 31st Annual Vegas Convention

After a year of preparation and planning, the 31st Annual Black and White Men Together, Inc. convention rolls in to Las Vegas, Nevada, July 27-30.  According to organizers, the overall schedule of programming will feature re-vamped “empowerment” sessions highlighting topics in a bullet point platform.  Subjects range from overviews on Straight Talk from presenter Mya Reyes to exploring the tenants of chapter public relations from the groups internal PR committee. The organizations, Bush-Mallon Institute will showcase panel discussions on “Coming Out at all ages,” and bullying in the gay community. Mandy Carter (pictured) will host a session featuring news from the Human Rights Campaign as well as serving as Saturday night’s Key note speaker. During the weeks activities, the organization will elect new board members who will chart the course of the group for the next year.  This year’s host hotel is the Stratosphere Resort which boast the highest observation deck in the area. Also, nightly shows, pool activities and nightclubs for those seeking to experience the Vegas nightlife. The Publications committee and PR committee will be updating all platforms including Facebook, Twitter and this forum.

FAll Midland set for Little Rock

The Fall Midland Regional meeting, Oct. 14-16, 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas is gearing up to welcome attendees with varying events for the weekend. Friday’s Welcome to Little Rock Mixer will feature complimentary cocktail buffet and beverages. Door donations will go to support services and mission of a local community based organization, The Living Affected Corporation. (www.livingaffected.org)  On Saturday after the AM meeting their will be tours of local atttactions including the world renowned Central High School, site of the 1957 desegration crisis and cited as one of America’s  most beautiful high schools. The Don Moses Award will be presented during a Saturday evening reception and subsequent bar crawl or hospitality suite activity. Sunday’s Grand Brunch will conclude the weekend. $35 Early Bird registrations are still available using the on-line portal, www.regonline.com/fmrock2011 For more information contact: Nealix101@comcast.net  

Content Deadline for the Summer Q-Visions E-zine is rapidly approaching and all committee’s and interested parties should submite their items to the Publications committee at Nealix101@comcast.net

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Horizon’s Ahead

Congratulations to BWMT Detroit for their community involvement!

BWMT-Detroit Donates $1,250.00 to Ruth Ellis Center
The Ruth Ellis Center, 77 Victor Street, Highland Park, MI. Their mission is to provide short-term and long-term residential safe space and support services for runaway, homeless, and at risk gay, lesbian, bi-attractional, transgender and questioning youth. (LGBTQ)
Briefly there are three different sections to the Ruth Ellis Center –
1 – The Intensive Treatment Unit is a, structured, but home-like setting program with level systems designed to meet the needs of LGBTQ youth aged 12 to 17.
2 – The Transitional Living Program is an up to 18-month independent living residential program for 16-21 year old LGBTQ youth, again designed to meet the unique needs of these young people.
3 – Drop-In Program. Need a place to be yourself, get some help or just a break from the Streets, drop-in to Second Stories.
We have full details of the Ruth Ellis Center at our monthly meetings. You can check them out at www.ruthelliscenter.org .
Not only did we, BWMT-Detroit members and Friends make a $1,250 donation, we also helped send 15 youth to Cedar Point and will continue to raise money for the center all year.
Jay from the Ruth Ellis was at our June meeting where we presented him with the check. Here is what he had to say –
 Thank you all for having me at your meeting. I was so impressed by your members commitment to our young people here at Ruth Ellis Center. Just being able to be present in a diverse environment where men came together for a greater cause was truly impressive. I just want to say the future has now begin to acknowledge that there is extraordinary power in diversity and many companies and corporations are making sure they become more diverse. Thank you all for helping the community overcome those barriers.

Thanks again,

Kenneth Jay Wilson

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Star Spangled NABWMT

It’s July 4th and flags are flying high, salutes abound and the members and allies of The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc would like to thank the service men and women who have been at the forefront of defending and protecting  the freedoms that we all cherish. It’s this dedication that we applaud and respect during these ongoing conflict theatre‘s and engagements taking place in distant lands. Our very existence as a country also involved armed intervention as those seekers of freedom and liberty took to the nations battlefield’s to forge what has become known today as the United States of America. Although not a perfect union, we have all been witness to the country’s continuing evolution, expanding and experiences that have embraced the founding documents while grappling with new societal paradigms and social justice shifts that will force our citizenry to define what it is to be American. In our three decades of existence, NABWMT’s  mission has been to create supportive environments while addressing racism, homophobia, sexism and HIV/AIDS in our communities as well as our lives. Our organization during the 80’s was among the first to address insidious racial policies that were rampant in our venues and gathering spots. Utilizing our local chapters we rallied against such policies, took our concerns before city officials and prevailed with policy reversals. As the AIDS crisis unfolded, it was NABWMT’s internal AIDS Task Force which recognized that the disease was not being adequately dealt with in communities of color. Through our organization a national task force was developed from CDC funding sources and deployed to fill that void. To our credit, as an entity we have survived despite rhetorical assault on our purpose, endured both positive and negative analysis of our impact and rebuffed community perceptions to diminish our viability or credibility.  As visionaries, we believe that our destiny is to propel this liberating legacy through fostering more engaging educational, political, cultural and social activities within our chapter network and collaborative partnerships. We boldly encourage our membership to become even more dedicated to this purpose and fully commit to message that cultural and racial barriers must be not only apart of the LGBTQ equation but the social justice construct at large. We welcome people of all colors to join us on this quest to building better communities into the 21st century and beyond.

The Difference between

Collaborations, Cooperation and


by Bob Ottenhoff, CEO of Guide Star

About GuideStar: Guidestar gathers and publicizes information about Nonprofits. They advocate that NPO’s share information openly and completely. NABWMT has a report on file with this firm and is apart of it’s reporting data base.

I had a chance to read Do More Than Give, a new book just out by
Leslie Crutchfield, John Kania, and Mark Kramer this past weekend. The book is a sequel, or as the dust-jacket says,
“inspired” by Forces for Good, Leslie’s earlier book, and focuses on
“the six practices of donors who change the world.”

It is a good read and worth taking a look. Although focused on making better
donors, much of the book is helpful to building a better performing nonprofit
organization. Of special interest to me was the chapter on “forging nonprofit
peer networks.” Foundations are constantly urging nonprofits to “collaborate”
but there is rarely a plan or purpose beyond the point of collaboration. At
GuideStar, partnerships have been critical to our success. We use strategic
partnerships to undertake tasks that others do better, to expand our reach into
new markets, and to strengthen our services.

It hasn’t always been easy. To partner well takes time, effort, people,
resources, and a determination to make it work, even giving up some independence
and flexibility. If I had to say there is one key to success it would be a
mutual benefit:  each partner needs to benefit in some meaningful way and feel
that the partnership is not only worth doing but worth working at when times get

The book distinguishes between partnering, which it calls cooperation, and
collaborating,  which it defines as loose coordination. In either case, the book
warns, “They imply being nice, rather than strategic, and lack the force of
mutual accountability that exists when each participant is equally invested in a
cause and equally shares the risk…. True collaboration requires a commitment to
shared goals, a jointly developed structure and shared responsibility, mutual
authority and accountability for success and sharing of resources, risks and
rewards,” writes Carol Lukas and Rebecca Andrews.

In the end, an organization needs to be honest about its strengths and
weaknesses. What do we do best? What do others do better than us?  Are we better
off not trying to build this ourselves? Can we achieve our goals faster or
better working with others? True collaboration – rather than nice collaboration
– is one of the pathways to success.

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Trending and Trekking

Red, White and You! Welcome to the second half of 2011. Where did it all go and what will happen as the year roll out is anybody’s guess. But, this forum is still around to bring you our readers everything NABWMT and more.

Convention Count Down

Three weeks and counting until “Breaking Molds and Healing Hearts,” The 31st national convention of Black and White Men Together, Inc, July 25-31 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Registration is now $165 and rooms are still available at our value price until July 3. Get all the details at our website, www.nabwmt.org or e-mail: nabwmt@nabwmt.org  Also don’t forget our travel partners American Airlines at www.aa.com code: A6471BI and AVIS car rental at 1.800.331.1600. code: Doo5280  If you haven’t got it done, you still have time, but only bit for the hotel rate! Do it today!!

HIV at 30 and public perceptions

Compared to whites, blacks and Latinos would like to have more
information on numerous HIV related topics. Seven in ten blacks say they want
information on how to stop HIV from spreading and just as many want more
information on how to talk to children about HIV. Six in ten want to know more
about who should get a HIV test and where they might go to get one. For each
topic, Latinos tend to express just as much interest as blacks. In sharp
contrast, significantly fewer whites are interested in having more information.

These findings are part of the results from the Foundation’s
eighth national survey on HIV/AIDS, which are detailed in the report,
HIV/AIDS at 30: A Public Opinion Perspective. In addition to examining
broad national trends in public opinion over the past few decades, the report
also takes a closer look at the views and experiences of black Americans and
young adults. To learn more about the findings from this national survey, please
read HIV/AIDS at
30: A Public Opinion Perspective


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The 24/7 Update

Welcome to the Summer solstice, the longest day of the year where the Earth tilts toward the Sun. Therefore, there’s plenty of light to bring forth on a dizzying array of subjects. So without any delay, let’s roll with it….

NA Awards due by July 8

The Awards Committee has extended it deadline until July 8th  for award submissions. All nominations are to be submitted from an official form that can be downloaded from the organizations website (www.nabwmt.org)  For more information you can contact B.Menapace@csuohio.edu  All awards will be presented during the 30th convention in Las Vegas, July 25-31, 2011.

Conference Updates

Registrations are still available for the convention on our website and the host hotel, The Stratosphere Hotel & Resort is ready to accept your reservations by July 3. If you haven’t done so, you should do so by calling 1.800.998.6937 using the code: C-BWMT. Dont’ forget our travel partners, American Airline (www.aa.com) using the code: A6471BI and for your rental car needs, AVIS at 1.800.331.1600, code: D005280. Surface transportation is available from Bell Trans departing from door 9 of the terminal. This service requires no reservations with a $8 fee to area hotels. Need more info? contact Doug: dbnrpcv@gmail.com  or nabwmt@nabwmt.org

Midland Regional 2011 Update

Early Bird registration began June 15 with the launch of an online registration system for the Fall Midland scheduled for October 14-16 in Little Rock, Arkansas. After a couple of hiccups the system has been tweaked to assure for smooth registrations as well as online monitoring for additional assistance.  An information table will set up during the convention for registration information, updates and promotions. The weekend will consist of a Friday night Welcome to Little Rock Mixer, Saturday City Tours, Don Moses Award Reception and Sunday Grand Brunch. The first 25 Early Bird registrants will participate in a drawing for an I-Pad as apart of  a Regonline promotion. Get those registrations in today at www.regonline.com/fmrock2011    

Q-Visons Content Deadline Date Set

August 8 is the content deadline for the Summer issue of Q-Visions. All committee reports, chapter news, updates, special interest items, opinion and spotlight articles should be submitted to nealix101@comcast.net. Each NABWMT platform is available to post your immediate newsworthy items either in this forum, Q-V, Constant Contact or our national website. The PR committee has also launched Video E-Mail  updates adding to our communication arsenal to keep our membership in the communication loop. Let us know what we can do assist you with your media needs!

Come grow with NABWMT!!

During the annual convention, candidates will be sought to fill upcoming board vacancies. If you are interested in campaigning for a national board position contact the committee at fore@lycos.com for additional details. Interested individuals are encouraged to express their desire for the position of Editor for NABWMT’s Q-Visions beginning with the Fall 2011 issue. If you have a desire to continue the Quarterly legacy please submit your name to nabwmt@nabwmt.org


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Rainbow Horizons Aglow

The story of America’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community is the story of our fathers and sons, our mothers and daughters, and our friends and neighbors who continue the task of making our country a more perfect Union. It is a story about the struggle to realize the great American promise that all people can live with dignity and fairness under the law. Each June, we commemorate the courageous individuals who have fought to achieve this promise for LGBT Americans, and we rededicate ourselves to the pursuit of equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Since taking office, my Administration has made significant progress towards achieving equality for LGBT Americans. Last December, I was proud to sign the repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. With this repeal, gay and lesbian Americans will be able to serve openly in our Armed Forces for the first time in our Nation’s history. Our national security will be strengthened and the heroic contributions these Americans make to our military, and have made throughout our history, will be fully recognized.

My Administration has also taken steps to eliminate discrimination against LGBT Americans in Federal housing programs and to give LGBT Americans the right to visit their loved ones in the hospital. We have made clear through executive branch nondiscrimination policies that discrimination on the basis of gender identity in the Federal workplace will not be tolerated. I have continued to nominate and appoint highly qualified, openly LGBT individuals to executive branch and judicial positions. Because we recognize that LGBT rights are human rights, my Administration stands with advocates of equality around the world in leading the fight against pernicious laws targeting LGBT persons and malicious attempts to exclude LGBT organizations from full participation in the international system. We led a global campaign to ensure “sexual orientation” was included in the United Nations resolution on extrajudicial execution — the only United Nations resolution that specifically mentions LGBT people — to send the unequivocal message that no matter where it occurs, state-sanctioned killing of gays and lesbians is indefensible. No one should be harmed because of who they are or who they love, and my Administration has mobilized unprecedented public commitments from countries around the world to join in the fight against hate and homophobia.

At home, we are working to address and eliminate violence against LGBT individuals through our enforcement and implementation of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. We are also working to reduce the threat of bullying against young people, including LGBT youth. My Administration is actively engaged with educators and community leaders across America to reduce violence and discrimination in schools. To help dispel the myth that bullying is a harmless or inevitable part of growing up, the First Lady and I hosted the first White House Conference on Bullying Prevention in March. Many senior Administration officials have also joined me in reaching out to LGBT youth who have been bullied by recording “It Gets Better” video messages to assure them they are not alone.

This month also marks the 30th anniversary of the emergence of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which has had a profound impact on the LGBT community. Though we have made strides in combating this devastating disease, more work remains to be done, and I am committed to expanding access to HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Last year, I announced the first comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States. This strategy focuses on combinations of evidence-based approaches to decrease new HIV infections in high risk communities, improve care for people living with HIV/AIDS, and reduce health disparities. My Administration also increased domestic HIV/AIDS funding to support the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and HIV prevention, and to invest in HIV/AIDS-related research. However, government cannot take on this disease alone. This landmark anniversary is an opportunity for the LGBT community and allies to recommit to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and continuing the fight against this deadly pandemic.

Every generation of Americans has brought our Nation closer to fulfilling its promise of equality. While progress has taken time, our achievements in advancing the rights of LGBT Americans remind us that history is on our side, and that the American people will never stop striving toward liberty and justice for all.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2011 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fifth.


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Reality Wednesday

Q-Visions Rises

The 2011 Spring version of Q-Vision has been distributed as of June 7. The 10 page edition features items from the Co-Chairs, Spring Midland recap and a special  submission from activist and author, Herndon Davis on holistic living while being the best you can be. Mr. Davis has been republished and cited in numerous publications including his podcast of The Diversity Report now stored on I-Tunes.  August 5 has been announced as the next deadline for the Summer edition of Q-Visions. All submission should be forwarded to nealix101@comcast.com  If you didn’t receive your digital copy or hard copies are requested please inform this forum.

Bylaws Committee Announces Revisions

The ByLaws committee per Mark Behar chair has requested that any and all bylaw considerations should be forwarded to the committee prior to the convention in Las Vegas, July 25-31, 2011. The posting on this site and all our media platforms is in an effort to alert chapters, members, affiliates or concerned parties to the procedure to suggest a bylaw change. You may submit your proposal and for additional information to mpbehar@wisc.edu

Challenge 2011: Social or Political activity in NABWMT

Co Chair Mack Scott in the recent edition of BWMT’s newsletter, The Low Down, explored the paradox of being a social vs a political group. He cites that many chapters including the Southern California group seem to revolve around many social outings such as meeting a local restaurants, movie nights and potlucks instead of being more involved in more substantive matters dealing with racism, sexism, poverty, HIV/AIDS and homophobia in their respective communities. In his piece, Scott believes that members have become content and regulated to not engaging social issues but rather embracing non-confrontational situations resulting in shifting to a distinct slate of social opportunities. The case that the Co-Chair makes has been the subject of numerous debates and discussion within the organization that has basically gone unresolved. However, Scott’s point is valid especially as NABWMT comes to grip with delivering value to both existing and new members while assessing outreach techniques to prospects. Furthermore, the organization has to determine its future development considering various other changes that have occurred in the last few years, outside the strategic 5 year development plan that hasn’t been reviewed for outcomes. Scott’s assertion that NABWMT and its chapter affiliates should seek to be apart of the social change movement is clarion call that should be heeded and become apart of the future. What do you think?  This forum has sought to engage our chapters on their activites, yet we hear crickets. Is anyone home…

Parting Shots

If you haven’t registered for Convention 2011 in Las Vegas, you still have time. Go to www.nabwmt.org for all the latest updates and direct links to get you registered. Do it Today!!!

Not subscribed to QVE, why not? We are here because of you and for you our members, chapters and affilates in our network. Get your members to subscribe in order to stay in the communication loop. What you haven’t done it yet? Do it now!

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